New Orleans Free-Jazz Funeral Enters Eighteenth Hour


New Orleans, the city known for originating Jazz music, originally called either Jass or Jizm (this is true) is also known for its colorful Jazz funerals which involve a procession of jazz musicians through the narrow colonial streets of the French Quarter. Normally these funerals offer a light-jaunty accompaniment to the somberness of a funeral. This Thursday, however, a lengthy Free-Jazz Funeral took place. This funeral, in contrast to a normal Jazz funeral, featured thirty-five minute upright bass solos and some guy standing in on a street corner smoking a cigarette, snapping his finger and mumbling Alan Ginsberg’s Howl.

By the funeral’s fifteenth hour, a rogue trumpetist had started making repeated beeping noises and weeping onto an impressionist canvas, everyone having long forgotten who the funeral was for or why they were there.