Opinion: The Do-Re-Mi Song: Hot Garbage


The Sound of Music is a movie which I have not seen, based on a play which I have not seen, and yet somehow I know most of the songs. The 1959 musical is now entering its peak boomer years, and, clinging to its five Academy awards, it has grown complacent with its zeitgeist-ness and musical legacy. So I, a self-proclaimed music critic, am here to take her down a peg.

The play which played like no play has played before taught us many important lessons. It taught us to love our favorite things. It taught us that apparently Liesl von Trapp is a perfectly fine sequence of letters in English. But most importantly, it taught us the Solfege scale, a.k.a. the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do scale and it did this with one of the worst songs ever set to music. I don’t care that it’s a song for children, children will never learn good music, like the Beatles and also the Beatles, if they keep listening to this crap.