Classes to Audit Spring 2021


Well here we are again, a new quarter, so much potential. Since you’re undoubtedly looking for another Zoom commitment to add to your life, look no further than this list of carefully curated courses.

AM170A – Math Modeling 1: Spring’s hottest equations, operators and gradients. Rumor has it Versace will unveil Euler’s Second Law, and Kanye will drop his Ye Probability Distribution

ANTH 233 – Politics of Nature: Who gets the prime spot at the watering hole? Who gets to eat the bugs out of the prettiest chimp’s hair?

BIOE 129L – Marine Mammals Lab: You and I both know you’re curious what squid ink tastes like

CHEM 169 – Drug Design/Discovery: Focus is on the “discovery” side of things

CLNI 140 – Designing Your Life: Its like build-a-bear but for you.

CMPM 280K – Sem in PEM: Seminar about Richard Dickworth, the Penis Envy Millionaire, and his rise to fame and fortune.

CSE 175 – Bus Strat/Info Syst: An overview on public transit basics – avoiding eye contact, thanking the bus driver, and shouting “BACK DOOR” like your life depends on it.

ECE 291 – Tomorrow’s Professor: The ultimate procrastination course. Tomorrow’s professor will handle it.

EDUC 125 – Children’s Lit: Party with the little ones. Students must bring their own PlayDough and string cheese.

KRSG 52 – News Reporting/Editing: uhhhhh pretty fucking sure that’s what Fishrap is for

ITAL 101 – Italian Culture and Food: Olive Garden, weird small cars, and kissing literally everyone on the cheek.

LIT 114F – Finding Dante: “Where’s Waldo” through the nine circles of hell

METX 135L – Functional Anatomy Lab: Pull my finger

POLI 190H – Substance of Democracy: Studies show that democracy is made of a sticky substance resembling flubber

STAT 80A – Gambling and Gaming: Course takes a hands-on approach featuring a week long field study in Las Vegas. Field study. NOT bender.