Introducing Trough, a new kind of streaming service


Are you trapped at home during the pandemic, getting sooo bored, ready to watch anything that’ll put you out of your misery? Oh no, we’re so sorry to hear that!

With over 7,000+ hours of streaming material, Trough is a bold new option for fans of content.


10 hours of relaxing fireplace noises

Season 3 of Frasier (mirrored and played at 2x speed for copyright reasons)

My cousin’s Minecraft playthroughs

Keeping Up With the Buttigiegs

And introducing our exciting new Trough Originals:

Zoom Shakespeare Theatre: Romeo & Juliet– You may think you know the classic story of Romeo and Juliet. But have you ever seen it performed on a Zoom call by top stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Morrissey, and the green M&M? You might be thinking “That doesn’t sound good at all,”…but what if I told you there was a surprise nipple slip? What then?

90-Day Uncle: In this new reality show, contestants meet prospective uncles online, who are then given a visa to stay in the United States for 90 days. Each pair must apply for official uncleship by the end of the 90-day period, or risk deportation.

Whatever Happened to Clippy?– Microsoft mascot Clippy was once an iconic talking paperclip beloved around the world. That is, until he mysteriously vanished in 2007, leaving his fans in shock. This true-crime documentary reveals the terrifying truth about his disappearance once and for all.*

*He got old and died.

Don’t believe us? Hear what our customers have to say!

“Trough has a great selection of clickable viewing material, which is perfect for a content buff like me”- Dave S., Michigan