How to write a Rupi Kaur poem in 5 minutes or less


Have you ever wanted to found a poetry empire of moody Tumblr teens, but didn’t feel like putting in the effort of writing actual poetry? Look no further than this simple style guide to replicating Rupi Kaur’s enchantingly vague pieces.

1. Insert tea from toxic relationships

If you’re tight on money, poetry can be a form of free therapy. It’s not considered oversharing if your problems are conveyed through metaphors, and it might even win you some awards. If you don’t have a toxic boyfriend to write about, take an extra minute to find some film majors on Tinder.

2. Randomly generate lists of household objects

Sometimes the most humble, insignificant objects can represent the most complex emotions. Simple things like tissues and lotion can represent your struggles with depression and self-care, or your untamed horniness. Symbolism, bitch, ever heard of it?

3. Get inspiration from unconventional writers

Mainstream, classic poetry is often classist or exclusive to most modern audiences. Instead, seek out approachable but equally talented artists like Gabbie Hanna, Hallmark movies, John Green, bumper sticker slogans, and Co-Star daily horoscopes.

4. Add contradictions and repetitions

The more time you save by taking a cliche phrase and then inverting it, the more time you can spend thinking up a beautiful yet misleading title for your book.

5. Make it as vague as you can

Some people say that you should be able to discern the poem’s meaning on the first read, but I don’t think so. Some of the best poetry doesn’t make any sense at all. The less you write the better, and if readers are still confused, they can come up with their own interpretations.

6. Leave everything in lowercase

Capitalism is the root of all evil, and that applies to poetry as well. There is nothing more profound than ignoring basic grammar rules. So go ahead, turn that auto-capitalization off. Yes, go on do it.


now your edgy

7. Finish it off with thought-provoking art

You thought I meant a full painting or something? No no no, all you need is a quick line-art tracing of your chosen symbol, then take some artistic liberties and make it kinda shitty but in a cool way.

8. Sit back and let the hipsters worship you

You’ve done it, you genius, you’ve officially broken the mainstream. Reward yourself with an iced coffee and an abstract tattoo stolen from Pinterest.

With these tips, you are sure to win the respect of anyone with taste in art and literature. If you need further inspiration, look to these sample poems created using our own directions.


our love was 

a zoom call:

i was a bad wifi connection


he was amish

disconnected – rupi kaur

you treated me like shit


i am


with the thought of you

-rupi kaur

If you want to try these steps at home to make your own Rupi Kaur own poem, leave a comment!