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Since everything seems to be online lately, we here at FRL! have been making a lot of new friends online! Oh boy are the people there nice, all they want to do is give us juicy data leaks, give us free blood money, have sex with us and improve our website! Here are some of our most fun new friends we’ve made and our responses to them. If you’d like to be one of our great FRL! Friends™ please don’t hesitate and email us at fishraplive at gmail dot com!

From: aa bb

Subject: Important Concerns about People

Body: 2008152211pdtsonomacabenc

Important Concerns about People

Tech stalking assault battery and more violations of law

2011 to 2020 Sonoma County California!At7mbeWa-Pddg_oTZpbhKfFC-0Di1Q 

Send information to the Sheriff of Sonoma County California, California Highway Patrol, US Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the United States Department of Homeland Security.and Send information “in” and “out” about “in” and “out” to the Sheriff of Sonoma County California, California Highway Patrol, US Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Dear aa bb,

We’ve reviewed the links you sent us and have found that you’re concerns about people are well founded, people fucking suck! We’ve been sending our concerns about the burger chain “in and out” to anyone who would listen for a long time but still they are still refusing to admit that the secret sauce is just 1000 island dressing.

luv FRL!


Subject: Hello Dear Very Confidential,

Body: Hello Dear Very Confidential,

I am Aisha Gadhafi, Daughter of the former Libyan leader, Col. Muammar

Gadhafi. I am offering you a partnership proposal in a classified

monetary transaction, which involves the need to secretly relocate and

secures some of our family funds concealed in a special escrow dormant

holding with a financial services company in Africa. I am in a very

difficult situation and I must immediately relocate this fund for

safety and investments purposes.

More so, this must be done in such a way that it must not be tied to

me as a result of my father’s death and politics circumstances. More

details of the transaction will be disclosed to you once you can

assure me that you can be trusted to handle this. Honesty and trust is

what I am in quest of, so therefore your assurance of confidentiality

and trust will be highly appreciated. For further clarification.

I look forward to your earliest response,

Thank you

Aisha  Gadhafi

Dear Ms. Gaddafi,

We have no interest in your father’s blood money, but if it comes into your possession we would love to be able to acquire your late father’s sculpture of a fist grabbing an american fighter jet as it speaks very deeply to our souls.

luv FRL!

From: _💋Julia👙_ sweet

Subject: Are you in?

Body: I would like to meet you.

Sent from my iPad

Dear _💋Julia👙_ sweet,

We understand your strong desire to meet us, as we think we’re pretty hot shit. We’re only in if your iPad has angry birds on it.

From: Sergey 

Subject: Сайт Важнее чем реклама!

Body: (Translated from Russian)


A website is more important than advertising! Many e in this ladeltsy NE notice spending in e camping BULLETIN Dr. Jette advertising!

But, ask yourself a question? Where will the customer buy on equal terms ? Right! On a resource that will be more interesting to him! And the conditions are now plus, minus for everyone!

Prove it audit of your e site. Introduced sa dr all agreed nye m from eneniya. We will do an audit to re Lamno computer n s!

Work “in one window”.

Attention! Only 2 Do not de cost of the audit site 5,000 rubles!

Important ! If the audit is already eating b, c udovolstie vie e m s and realize your Adoum ki Liu complexity of the fight!

With respecting Niemi Ud al tsov With e rgey!

Dear Sergey:

Sorry we don’t have any rubles to spend right now, we put all of our money into Enron about 20 years ago and haven’t checked the account since. We will get back to you when we check on that account.

luv FRL!

From: Vanessa Evans

Subject: (no subject)


Am Vanessa Evans from united states please can we talk?

Dear Vanessa,