Trump Always Says He is the Law and Order President, but His IMDB Page Does Not List That in His Filmography


I’ve held my tongue long enough, it’s time for me to speak out. I’ve supported the president through his calls for foreign powers to interfere with our elections, his gutting of the state department, his gutting of the justice department, his caging of children, his obvious quid pro quos in Ukraine, his pushing of baseless conspiracy theories, his race baiting, his reckless tax cuts, his efforts to delegitimize mail voting, his many extramarital affairs and general harassment and assaulting of women, his many violations of the Hatch Act, his obvious conflicts of interests with his businesses, his appointment of unqualified federal judges, his disregard for the constitution, his unlawful quashing of protests, his acceptance of white-supremicist groups and his many mental and physical deficiencies, but what he’s done now is just too much. In recent months, president Trump has repeatedly claimed that he is the “Law and Order” president, and after many hours of research I have come to the conclusion that this is a blatant lie. Let’s check the facts: one can easily navigate to and view the many episodes of television that the president has appeared in, and the crime drama produced by Dick Wolf is clearly not listed. Nor is the equally popular Law and Order: SUV starring Ice T listed in the complete list of the president’s filmography. So we must ask ourselves, can we allow a man with such a disregard for accurately remembering which shows he’s been in to be president? When he goes on late night talk shows what will they talk about if they do not simply restate the shows that he has been and is currently starring in? For this reason alone Trump must not be reelected and I wag my finger sternly to all that continue to support him after this point, but not anyone who has enabled his crazy actions over the past four years.