Jojo Rabbit Couldn’t Get Made Today


[Spoilers for Jojo Rabbit]

Political correctness has run amok. Younger readers may not remember the much different world of October 18, 2019, when the film Jojo Rabbit was released and everyone loved it.

Taika Waititi, the un-PC and totally epic director, chose to make the movie about Nazis because he wanted to make a comedy, which means being as offensive as possible, and Nazis are the most offensive thing out there. My favorite part was where Taika Waititi dresses up as Hitler. It’s even better that he’s Jewish, because if a Jewish guy dresses up as Hitler it’s extra offensive. While some people have tried to claim there’s some deeper meaning behind the movie, they’re all wrong because Jojo Rabbit is a comedy and therefore has no deeper meaning.

Can you imagine if he tried to make this movie today? They’d probably demand that it have some “moral” or “purpose” and not just be a no-boundaries comedy about Nazis. If Taika were alive today, he’d be disappointed in what the world has become.

To be fair and balanced, I did think the movie had some flaws. The parts with the girl in the attic were kind of boring. They didn’t really make any jokes about the Holocaust, and I can’t really imagine why. The jokes where they show the bodies hanging from the gallows, or when his mom died, just weren’t that funny as jokes go. They just kind of made me feel… what’s that feeling called? I remember feeling it before when I didn’t get Call Of Duty: Black Ops for Christmas. Anyway, a comedy movie has no business making me feel that way. Comedies are supposed to make you feel good, not bad.

Even so, Jojo Rabbit is a funny movie and a good example of why taking things seriously and caring about how other people feel is for losers.