I’m Transcending the Picket Line


Okay…it’s like. Don’t get me wrong. I am a Communist. I’ve gone to a Platypus meeting. I send my TA weird emails about memes I saw on r/comrades. I talk loudly in Stevenson cafe about the impending revolution and who will and will not be invited to my post-praxis-party. And yes, maybe the last job I had was in high school where I was payed $20 an hour to do social media for my aunts dental office. But, if I didn’t believe in the power of myself and the mighty proletariat and the way this capitalist system represses US, then what kind of History of Conciousness minor would I be? I believe in the power of the people. THAT BEING SAID. Just let me play devil’s advocate here for like two seconds. When the ASFCME strike impedes my ability to get to my 10:30 Section for “The Politics of Violence, Revolution, Striking, and UC Relations” who are they really helping?? They’re interrupting the flow of education of human rights into my brain. They keep me from joining them, you know, in a metaphysical sense. I didn’t want to bring this up, but my mom is the athletic director at USC, so I know a little bit about the mistreatment of university employees. Last year they cut her Christmas bonus by 5% and I had fly coach all the way from LA for winter quarter. The solution to ASFCME’s demands for fair pay, an end to illegal outsourcing of labor, and secure contracts  is as elusive and complicated as ever, even to the most seasoned labor politics philosopher, such as I. All I know is that I need to get to my section. A massive turn out at the November 13th Unfair Labor Practice strike across all UC campuses and five medical centers including students, faculty and members of AFSME 3299, K7, UPTE-CWA 9119, UNAC/UHCP has no impact. My attendance to section however, a crucial part of this revolution, is radical praxis. Be on the right side of history. Let me up the hill.