Charlie Sheen Has Vietnam Scene Flashback


Recently, actor Charlie Sheen who has described his attitude towards life and his HIV diagnosis as positive, revealed in an interview that shooting the film Platoon by auteur Oliver Stone, who is currently writing a chilling, conspiratorial expose about that one time the mailman gave him a different Mr. Stone’s mail, that the filming of Platoon was one of the worst experiences of his life.

Newly reformed Mr. Sheen who now paints impressionist watercolors in his Philadelphia townhouse spoke to us recently. “That experience was horrible. When I was in Vietnam, well, technically we filmed in the Philippines, but I say when I was in Vietnam, it was constantly raining and Oliver yelled at me so much.”

Mr. Sheen went on to recount take after take of walking in the rain which wasn’t fully made up for in the mountains of complimentary cocaine included on his rider. He went on to say “I come from a family that does this. My dad Martin was in Vietnam too, well, technically he was in the Philippines as well, but still.” 

Sheen recounted graphic details of subpar craft service tables appearing in his nightmares as well as a series of certainly fictional mental ailments he claims to suffer from as well as a longer series of actual mental ailments he does suffer from, but claims not to.