Pimple Poem


From whence do you come,

dear pimple? 

Are you a manifestation of a dirty soul, festering and 

bubbling beneath the 

surface? Are you left behind 

by the bulbous spectre of 

neglect, who leaves boils and blemishes and blisters 

on the blasphemous dermis 

of those who fail to clean and moisturize? Are you the 

markings left behind by 

reptilian experimentation in 

my sleep? Or are you merely 

the cold, ugly work of the 

dark god we call genetics?

How can I lose you, dear


Must I assault your hide with adapalene and abrasives?

Or will hydration and hygiene remove thine presence from

mine visiage? Must I go to

such lengths as sandpaper

and laser technology? Or will nothing loose thy barnicline grip?

Dear pimple, why are you such an