Housemate Who Knows One Song On Guitar Nearly Learns Another


Housemate Levi Bloom who like, can kinda play one song on guitar, is so fucking close to learning another one. For weeks, the wayward musician was trying to master the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, and it was at least recognizable. For the first couple of weeks it was fun to pretend that your house was the Black Pearl as you hummed “Da-na na-na, Da-na na-na, Da-na na-na, na-na na-na” while you shaved. But at a certain point, one can only listen to the same main progression over and over again without ever actually moving forward in the melody. That’s why it’s so refreshing to learn he’s moving on to his next endeavor, ‘Banana Pancakes.’ 

Levi Bloom, a man who sees himself as an up and coming musician, is drowning out the noise. Sitting in his living room, strumming the guitar, shirtless, with weed in his beard and a fedorah on his head, tells me: “For all those who listen to me occasionally play the wrong chord, strum flat notes, and sing like the lead singer of Muse if he had a stroke and was 12, I just want to say: stay patient baby, sooner or later I’ll have almost mastered ‘Banana Pancakes’ and will be properly butchering ‘Blackbird’ within weeks. Then, it’s on to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’”

One housemate, Elijah Lee, is totally supportive. “He’s just got an energy about him man. After he shaved his facial hair to look more like Captain Jack, I think his music really started to take off. I can’t wait for his rendition of ‘Banana Pancakes’ to really get off the ground.”

Not all of his housemates are supporting him, however. According to me, Caleb Berg, “I swear to God, his guitar playing is the first thing I hear when I get home to when I go to bed. He is getting better, yeah, but better isn’t good enough.”

Only time will tell whether Bloom ever learns more than one song, but for now, he’s staying busy by watching Youtube tutorials of forty-year old men whose biggest gig was their nephew’s bar mitzvah.