Local Dad-Blues Band Channels Deep Pain of Losing ESPN Classic On Cable Package Into Music


Scotts Valley Dad blues outfit The Bayou Boys, known locally for headlining every farmers market and cluttering up local Goodwills with unwanted CDs of their performances like The Bayou Boys: The Live Experience and The Bayou Boys: Live at the Scotts Valley Harvest Festival 2004, have channeled their deeply felt pain into a new set of songs set to be debuted next time the Chamber of Commerce needs a musical act that’s “good for the whole family”.

While blues music was originally developed out of musical traditions born in slave plantations in the Mississippi Delta and was an emotional outlet for the deep sadness and isolation caused by racism and the legacy of slavery, member of the Bayou Boys Jim Kobalowski says learning that his AT&T U-Verse plan no longer automatically signs him up for ESPN classic and he has to pay an extra $4.99 from the ESPN website is a similar feeling. “I think the root of Blues music is sadness and I thought of what made me frustrated and wrote about that and I think that authenticity is evident,” he told an uninterested audience at a recent performance.

The Bayou Boys most recent CD “Sittin’ Out on the Bayou Sellin’ My Soul to the Devil Down in the Delta Eatin’ Grits and Weeping” features other sad songs about such subjects as learning the TGI Fridays with the extra-long Happy Hour closing and the New Ford F-150 you we’re going to buy only offering the step-ladder as a $500 add-on.