Jack Baskin to Become Jack Baskin Robbins


In her first major act as head of UCSC, Chancellor Cynthia Larive announced this week that the Jack Baskin School of Engineering will be converted into the Jack Baskin Robbins School of Engineering and Ice Cream Science. This news comes after UCSC received a $31 million grant from Baskin-Robbins. According to Larive, UCSC accepted the donation in part because of the University of California’s recent divestment from fossil fuels. Said Larive, “we just lost a very lucrative but tacky way of funding ourselves. We felt it was necessary to find another.” 

Jack Baskin himself was in attendance at the dedication ceremony. Questions were raised as to how he felt about the change. “Well, I’m a bit disappointed, to be honest, but I see that these ice cream folks are just working for the same goal as I was back in 1948, when I started a company that built and then collected rent from low income housing: money,” said Mr. Baskin, age 100. 

The rededicated Jack Baskin Robbins will reportedly be redecorated in the style of a regular Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, “only bigger,” said Chancellor Larive. “They tell me it’ll be the biggest one ever, and they’ll get the engineering students to work there for real world experience.” When asked if there were any plans to include engineering in the curriculum, Larive commented, “no.”