Q & A with George Blumenthal and Marlene Tromp


Every quarters the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor grant UCSC Student Media organizations the opportunity to sit in their presence, soak up their sadness and ask questions that are immediately ignored or given pathetic responses. It’s an incredible opportunity for regular shoes like myself to sit a few seats away from a world renowned astrologist and the chick with cool Spike Lee glasses.

We at Fish Rap Live! are fully committed to journalism and really should have been there.

We were in the quarry all day, according to the student agency model of self sufficiency, begging people to buy donuts. In six hours we made a mere $103 dollars for our printing costs.

Apparently, our company was missed in this meeting. Marlene Tromp specifically asked where we were. Well sorry, Marley, we know you wanted us there so you could take up the allotted time answering our goofy irrelevant questions. Imagine. The highest ranking people at UCSC having to answer senior questions about the numerous atrocities on campus for one whole hour three times a year from engaged students! never. you wouldn’t! You couldn’t! You shouldn’t! heinous. But readers. They had to. February 19th. They had to… like… answer to the student body.

During Giving Day, our girl Marley donated to Fish Rap Live! Obviously, this is her bribing us to attend the next Student Media Q&A.

Oh we will be there. We can’t wait.

Hug and kiss


Since we weren’t there, here is what we would have asked. Georgie & Marley, please email or dm your responses. We know you read this paper.

  1. Marlene, students have discovered the striking resemblance between you and any character from the 2000 film “Chicken Run.” Do you agree? Do you think people are able to truly see themselves like other perceive them?
  2. The UC essentially owns the trailer park thus stripping it of its original mission and soul. Funny that the school that actually profits off this projection of a “hippie”, “free”, “authority on questioning authority” establishment. The UC profits off the image of being THE alternative university. This being said, Why is it that you refuse to acknowledge the struggle of the students living out of their cars? If the outside world thought it was cool, funky, fresh to give students a parking lot where they could park their live-in vans with autonomy, would you maybe agree to supporting this? People will think it’s like super cool progressive alternative. Do it.
  3. Blumie, this is your senior spring, how are you gonna fuck shit up?
  4. Scenario. Georgy Blume, you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see a man who makes $406,495 a year. It has been approximated that your annual pension will be close to this number. You also know that campus service workers make roughly $42,804 a year and have been working nonstop for a better contract with no support from the UC system. So I guess my question is, who do you think you are?
  5. weirdest place y’all have jerked it on campus? best answer wins.