Classes to Audit Winter 2021


Auditing a class allows students to attend lectures and access class material without the commitment of completing exams and coursework. Whether you’re looking to explore your interests, or just appreciate zoom lectures for the background noise they provide, here are our recommendations

Coincidentally, many of the classes below share the same room

AM 280C – Seminar in GAFD: I can’t believe they made a class about the time Greg Ate my Fucking Donut

ANTH 176A – No American Archlgy: Indiana Jones is NOT allowed

ANTH 168A – Rethink Capitalism: ya think?

ARTG 134  – Spectacular Play: It really is a great play

BIOE 183W – Research in EEB: Not to be confused with SOC154 – Research on WEEBs

BIOL 117 – Neglected Diseases: You should really get that looked at by an actual doctor

CMPM 280R – Topics in HRI: Hysterectomy Related Illness and Huge Rectal Inflammations in one succinct offering

COWL 65 – Meaning Paradox Love: Most students have a love-hate relationship with this class

CSE 122 – Intro to VLSI: Very Lame, Shitty Ideas. As if you had trouble coming up with your own

DANM 211 – Critique: Everyone at this school is so damn critical

FMST 194M – Empire & Sexuality: Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine discuss their lives as “space-swingers”

HIS 100 – His Skills & Methods: Okay cool … but, who is he?

LING 190 – Senior Research: Do old people actually like bingo? Let’s find out.

LING 249 – Morphology Seminar: So this is where the Animorphs learned to do that

MATH 11B – Calculus with Apps: Angry Birds push their limits – all the way to infinity

MATH 134 – Cryptography: Photography of Bigfoot, Nessie and other famous cryptids

PHIL 290S – Phil of Science: Bill Nye’s lesser known competitor. PHIL! PHIL! PHIL! PHIL